Party Recap

I did a Baby Minnie Mouse Theme for a baby girl Baby Shower Ceremony. My customer request for a Pink & White Theme.

As this Candy Buffet are to serve ONLY for kids. I came up with a Notice as requested by customer :)

For the Hershey Kisses & Yupi Gummy Hearts, I place it in the Serving Bowl I bought at IKEA. The storage toy this time round, I use it to place Treat Cups & Scoops.

As for the Treat Bags, I place it in the larger version of the Serving Bowl bought at IKEA too.
For the Nutella Blossoms instead of using a Serving Plate or Tiers I used a Disposable Plastic Container

As for the Choc Wafer Sticks, I custom made a label and attach it to the container. I purchased the kind of Chocolate Wafers that comes in a container so I dont need to bring too much Serving Bowls, Jars to the setup and at the same time my luggage are full :)

As for the Marshmallows, I serve it in a Tall Cookie Jar and the other Cookie Jar are filled with Kit Kat Wafer Pop Chocs, both bought at IKEA. As for the Sour Scoox, I fill it up in the Rectangle Vase.

I use a Dark Pink Cloth as backdrop and attach Pompoms to it. Furs and Pink Paper Shredders are also used in this setup.
Table skirting are provided by my customer.

I make cutout of Mickey head using a glitter spongeboard and attach ribbons to it.

I hope you Mommies will try these out on your own too, a lil Creativity do helps alot! Have Fun Candy Buffet-ing!

-Hershey Kisses
-Strawberries Gummies
-Strawberry Chocs
-Nutella Blossoms
-Choc Wafer Sticks
-Sour Scoox
-Kit Kat Choc Pops



  • Connie T

    Connie T wrote:

    how did you make the polka dots in the mini cupcakes?

  • Shantell E

    Shantell E wrote: