Party Recap

This is the most challenging theme as its quite hard for me to get the right decor.Customer request for Motorcycle Theme and its a combine party for both Dad & Son.

I bought Motorcycle Toys at various toy stores. I also find some old motorcycle toys and take only the tyres.

I changed the name of the Candies & Chocs to make it match with the theme. For eg. Hershey Kisses I changed it to Kawasaki Kisses.

I add on Signs topper for the Chocolate Truffle Tarts :)

I bought the Storage Box at a toy store, it was meant to keep toys but this time I fill it up with Popcorns!

Instead of using a Serving Plate to place the Nutella Blossoms, i used a Cookie Jar. Something NEW instead of the boring placement :)

I add on VROOM and other captions to compliment the Motorcycle theme. Like I mentioned just now, it was hard for me to get the right decors, so I print out captions to complete it.

-Nutella Blossoms
-Choc Wafers
-Strawberry Jam Biscuits
-Choc Truffle Tarts
-Kit Kats
-Hershey Kisses
-White Rabbit Gummies
-Sour Rings Gummies


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