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30th Birthday Chanel Birthday

Valmeida By Valmeida  in Birthday


Party Recap

Cake: Giovanna Melilli
Custom Cookies: Suzan Lima
Flowers: Vivi Komura and Diogo Tida
Photography: Ale Marques
Sweets: Louzieh
3D Cloud Sublimation: Rachel Pires
Florist: JO Valeta

Other Supporters:
Festa com Glamour
Patricia Clemes Mitt
Manoela Marques


Party Helpers

  • Isabela Morais




  • Chadine G

    Chadine G wrote:

    Im planning a 40th birthday party.I love the chanel theme.Could you direct me where I can purchase some of these items Thanks in advance Chadine

  • Chadine G

    Chadine G wrote:

    My email is

  • no photo

    Tausha A wrote:

    I would love to purchase some items like these for my 40th bday party! Can u direct me in the right direction?!

  • Tamara A

    Tamara A wrote:

    I'm planning a 40th birthday party for my daughter, whose name is Chanel. I would like to do a CoCo Chanel party. Could you please tell me where I could purchase some of these items. Thanks in advance.

  • no photo

    Domonique A wrote:

    My birthday is July 17 I'm turning 30 and I would like to buy some of these items for my party that I'm planning. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know where I can get any of this stuff from.

  • Jackie V

    Jackie V wrote:

    Would love to purchase items for Chanel party..can I get info please..great decorations and theme

  • Jackie V

    Jackie V wrote:

    Sorry forgot to leave you so much..

  • no photo

    Nora P wrote:

    Hi, I would like to purchase these printable for my mother in law Chanel Party. My email is

  • no photo

    Emily D wrote:

    Hi, my Sweet Sixteen is coming up soon and I would really like if my dessert table looked this way. Maybe you can send me more info on how you made it look this way. I'd really appreciate it. Email: