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2013 New Years Mustache Bash

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Party Recap

I styled a party for our upcoming New Years Eve 2013 Mustache Bash! The inspiration came about from a saying...... "Keep Calm and Stache On."

I have planned this year’s party to be kid friendly so my 8 year old son can be included in the evening festivities.

I love the colors black and silver so I incorporated a little gray to represent silver in my 2013 Mustache Bash Printables.

Wanting a kid friendly snack and not a whole lot of sugar before and after midnight I came up with the idea of the popcorn cups. They are a much healthier option than cupcakes or a cake. I don't want to exclude all sugar goodies so cookies, candy coated sugar sprinkled pretzels, chocolate bars, kisses, miniatures and nuggets will coordinate very well with the saltiness of the popcorn.

I thought the Martinelli's Sparking Cider would be a nice beverage touch to the table and is also non-alcoholic and kid friendly. The plastic champagne glasses detach at the base so I used a mustache straw hugger in between the base and the cup. I also coated the base with a little glitter for that extra sparkly touch.

I used silver and black glitter foam sheets and craft sticks to create the mustache props. These are so much fun and a must have!

I had planned to use noise makers, as I always do every New Years Eve, but this year I have opted for bubbles. My son loves bubbles and noise makers but I thought we could change tradition a little using bubbles....hence the saying that inspired this party idea "Keep Calm and Stache On."


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