Party Recap

I knew I wanted her first party to be Halloween themed but trying to plan that and keep it cute but a little spooky and girly at the same time wasn't easy. I ran short on time so the food wasn't as themed as I would have liked it to be but it all ended up being very nice and everyone had a nice time.


Party Highlights

  • Activities / Games

    Inflatable Bouncer

  • Party Favors

    Birthday cups and Halloween rubbie duckies from Oriental Trading

  • Desserts


  • What People Ate

    Finger sandwiches, taco dip, bagel bites, other appetizers

  • What People Drank

    Juice, Softdrinks, water, tea


Party Helpers

  • Monique Michel


  • The Pastry Bag

    Cake designer

  • Mom

    Party Planner



  • Jenn S

    Jenn S wrote:

    Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. You did such a great job. Love it.

  • Crissy T

    Crissy T wrote:

    Thanks, I put alot of thought into it. Now I am trying to plan a nice barn theme party for this year but on a tighter budget. :)

  • Leslie K

    Leslie K wrote:

    What is the spider made out of? My son loves this cake :)

  • Bonnie H

    Bonnie H wrote:

    Hi there,, would be good to know what the spider was made out of! Many thanks :-)

  • Crissy T

    Crissy T wrote:

    Hi Bonnie and Leslie! Its been almost 8 years now but I think it was just half a styrofoam ball covered with fondant. I do remember it wasn't edible.