Party Recap

Hello Jillian, how are you?
I would like to share with you one of my work as an event advisor.

Full name
Birthday Girl Name: Layssa Andrade

My name (event advisor / birthday cousin): Vitor Aleixo
Party date and city

The event was held on February 13, 2016, in the city of São Paulo / SP in Brazil.

Chosen theme
Movie: Mean Girls.

What did you use as inspiration?
This was my first job as an event advisor, and precisely because I was the first I wanted to do something totally different and to distance myself from the cliché themes of the 15th birthday parties in Brazil. At first, Layssa did not have any specific theme for his birthday, everything indicated that it would be a traditional party, but I was willing to innovate.
This came to the idea of ​​the film. I quickly got in touch with Layssa and talked about the possibility of turning the film into a theme for your party. She found everything very crazy and fascinating, as we already knew the film for a long time, Layssa did not think twice and said yes to the theme, basically she had already incorporated Regina George.

Why did you choose these colors for decoration?
The colors were inspired by the Burn Book. In fact, the whole concept of the party started to be developed from the cover of the book: clipping of letters from magazines and lipstick brands. As well as a photo shoot of the debutante, which was all inspired by the promotional photos of the film.

For you, what were the highlights of your party?
The photo booth was the highlight, we had the idea of ​​making the props that the guests would use at the time of the photo according to the costumes used in the Halloween party of the movie Mean Girls.

How was the ceremonial?
The ceremonial, as well as the theme of the party, was totally different. There was no exchange of shoes or dolls, as is usual at the 15th birthday parties in Brazil and Mexico.
We opted for something totally unusual, the construction of the ceremonial took place as follows:

1 - The entrance of the 15 couples: We were based on the Victoria´s Secret parades, the 15 ladies had that moment Gisele Bündchen and paraded to the sound of "Me & My Girls" by Selena Gomez until the runway, where they met their respective partners of dance.
2 - Layssa's entry: The debutante entered the "Flashlight" sound of "Jessie J" and danced the first waltz with her father, shortly after receiving her debutante ring.
3 - Waltz of the couples: And just like at the dance of the film, the couples finished the ceremonial dancing together to the sound of Samantha Ronson's Built This Way (Slow Remix).

What did you offer as souvenirs to the guests?
The souvenirs were mouth-shaped pillows, making reference to the lipstick marks of the book and the invitation was a replica of the Born Book.

Event Advisory & Ceremonial: Vitor Aleixo - https://www.instagram.com/vitoraaleixo/
Event Assistants: Letícia Morais, Laís Caetano and Eunice Iwata
Decoration: Tatiane Carolino - https://www.instagram.com/taticarolino/
Buffet: Ecsi - https://www.facebook.com/www.buffetecsi.com.br
Sweets: Marisol - https://www.instagram.com/marisol_chocolates/
Photography and Filming: Nilson César - https://www.instagram.com/newartfotoos/
Party favors: Rosangela - https://www.facebook.com/rosangelareis.pensarte?fref=ts

I hope you like it and can publish it on the site.
Vitor Aleixo


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