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Vancouver, Canada

About Woot and Wooks

My name is Terin (aka Woot) and my shop dog's name is Wookie (aka Wooks). Beside me for every craftventure we are here to help you get the party started!

I am a country girl at heart with a love for all things rustic and made with burlap and twine. My love for crafting began when I was a little girl. When I was 8 years old I remember my mom letting me stay up late to help her prep for her many craft fairs. As I got older I found myself hosting parties just so I could create decorations! That quickly turned into custom orders from my family and friends. After my own Pinterest and DIY-filled wedding I opened my Etsy shop.

I love seeing where my items end up, from cookie bars to photo shoots! All of my items are handmade and packaged by me in Vancouver, Canada.