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Laval , Montreal, Quebec, Canada

About TamsCorner

Lucky mom of four healthy and beautiful kids.

In business since 2006,on Etsy since 2013.

I create hand made crafts and art out of nothing!

Anything is possible with me!

Quality, generosity, perfection, passion, care and love, that's how I create and design each of my items.

I enjoy decorating events, birthday parties, weddings, baby showers...
I enjoy making people happy on their special day.

Well that explains why I have a shop on Etsy. I have 4 kids :) the only way that I can share my talent, art, love and passion with the world is to have an Etsy shop, it is hard to keep up the balance between marriage and life aspects, working for someone. Until I opened my Etsy shop.

Etsy made my dream come true, I opened my own shop, making me my own boss. Thank you Etsy for this wonderful opportunity.

I use more grade 1 Tissue paper in my Pom poms to be fluffier, than any other provider.

What I have is a passion not business.

Support my love and passion, Thank You.