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Marietta, GA, United States

About Sweet Olivia Celebrations

Hi, there! I’m Christa and I help you make your parties the talk of the town!
1.) I make the cutest party favors around! Your party goers will squeal at how cute their handmade soap bar is or at how yummy their personalized lip balm smells! After the initial lovin’, they will appreciate the usefulness of your chosen party favor! (No plastic throw-away toys here!!)
2.) I will give your party a custom touch with handmade, paper party invitations and decorations. I offer many themes and color combinations. Have an idea that I haven’t thought of yet? Just send me a message!
3.) I will provide you oodles of inspiration through my blog, monthly free party printables, and lots of examples how to throw the party of the year.
4.) Ready to have a party that everyone will be talking about all year long? You can’t have a party without people! Sign up HERE to get your guests to actually RSVP!

You met me, so, who is Olivia?
Meet Olivia, my 8-year-old daughter and co-owner of Sweet Olivia Celebrations. She really is the inspiration for all I do in this business. We like to celebrate life daily, not just on the special occasions. Whether we’re having a random Graham Family Day of Fun or a movie night at home, my husband and I know how to make the ordinary seem extraordinary! (And my four-year-old son Carter thinks every party is a birthday party!) My hope is that my kids will look back on their childhood with a sense of wonder and magic.
Okay, enough with the sappy stuff! I’ve been throwing parties for years! From our college parties that aren’t quite business-webpage-approved (we’ll talk about those over a margarita sometime!), our frightfully fun Halloween parties, to our “Surprise, you’re going to Disney World!” mini-parties, We. Love. To. Party!
Holidays are definitely a reason to party!
• My absolute favorite time to party? Valentine’s Day and Halloween! (Totally normal combo, right?!)
• My family and I make or buy a new Christmas ornament every year! I also try to buy ornaments on all our travels to commemorate the trip!
• I try and cook a multi-course, very lavish dinner for my family on Valentine’s Day every year.
• I annoyed my third shift coworkers (they secretly loved it) by bringing tiaras and noisemakers to work for New Year’s Eve!
So, what now?
Every week, I will deliver you awesome party time goodness, so make sure to….
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