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Brooklyn, NY, United States

About Susty Party

Susty Party creates, curates and sells fun, chic, sustainable party supplies in our online store: That means all of our products meet strict environmental and social criteria, from being made in the USA, made from renewable materials, recycled, compostable and biodegradable, non-toxic, organic, artisanal, or more. Our products include:
* Susty Party Plates and Bowls: colorful, all-natural, vegetable-based plates made in the USA
* Eco-Gralands: bunting and garlands made from stone-based material, totally durable, and USA made.
* Hand-Stamped Sugarcane Cups: compostable, renewable, disposable cups with a favorite (or customizable) stamp - from birthday cakes to hearts.
* Organic Party Crowns: party tiaras, reusable year after year, made from organic cotton, with velcro numbers for the front.
* Pop Up Party Bins: cardboard USA-made designer party waste bins that help collect your compost, recycling and trash, in style.

Shop at Susty Party and support bringing sustainability into fun and partying!