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Niagara Falls, Canada

About Stripes and Chevron

As a kid I loved creating my own party invitations, birthday cards, signs, announcements, and more. But while other kids were talented in the handmade crafts department, I was sadly lacking in skill when it came to glitter glue and foam letters. What I WAS good at, however, was designing on the computer. I spent a lot of time on my dad's old IBM computer using Print Shop Deluxe '95, meticulously choosing the right fonts and clipart to use on birthday cards for my family, friends, and teachers. Sadly, my love of fonts and Print Shop Deluxe fell by the wayside, until I was called out of retirement recently...

In 2012, I got engaged to my amazing, fun, and hilarious husband. In my wedding planning excitement I immediately took to Pinterest, but was disappointed to find out that all those beautiful, handcrafted wedding invitations, place cards, and thank you notes that I had Pinned cost a small fortune. I started wondering if I could just do it myself...and so began my foray into the world of do-it-yourself printables.

So basically the idea is this: you purchase a Pinterest-worthy design for your special event or party. The designer customizes it with your event details, and then sends you the file as a PDF. You print your customized design either yourself from home or at a commercial printer like Staples. The whole thing ends up costing you 1/5th of what it would have if you had ordered already-printed invitations from a printing shop or online supplier of printed material.

I designed a few things for my wedding (after graduating from Print Shop Deluxe to Adobe Illustrator) and then kept going. I started sketching designs and collecting fonts like people collect stamps. Then in the summer of 2014, I opened my Etsy shop!

I'm thrilled to offer my designs on Etsy and to continue doing what I love as a side project and small business. Hopefully there's something for your special event in my shop, or you could always contact me to have something made especially for you!

Thanks for reading!
Tania <3