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Edible Lace is a new and fun way to give a classy touch on any dessert. It's flexible, it's versatile and it lasts for months!
Each piece of edible cake lace is about 14.5" L x 4.25" H (36 cm x 10.8 cm)
Two strips will fit around an 8" cake.
If you are making a bigger cake, then figuring out how much cake lace you need is easy-peasy! Simply multiply the diameter of your cake pan by 3.14 then order that many inches of lace.
E.g. for a 12" cake you will need 12" x 3.14 = 37.68", total lace length(you'll need 3 strips!) and so on.

Perfect for Wedding cakes, birthdays, and any special event. Great for baby or bridal showers, too. Soft and flexible they can be placed along edges and on odd shapes that traditional sugar and fondant toppers can not. You can even cut individual designs from it and create an appliqué look to cookies and cupcakes!
Edible Lace has a light, vanilla sweet taste.

Items are made to order. To best serve you, make sure to place your order AT LEAST 3 WEEKS PRIOR to your event.
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Edible soft pliable sugar lace comes with a grease proof/parchment paper in clear cello bag with rigid cardboard package. Lace will stay pliable for months, if kept stored in the packaging it arrives, in a cool dry place. No refrigeration needed.
Can be used onto fondant, gum paste, or frozen butter cream cakes. Simply adhere lace with a light brushing of water. If you feel uncertain, replace water with vegetable shortening. It will help you re-position your lace anywhere, even if it's the first time you're doing it!
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