Winter 3D guestbook with deer, tree of snowflakes, wedding or anniversary custom made sign in guest book, wedding keepsake with doe and buck

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Winter 3D guestbook with deer, tree of snowflakes, wedding or anniversary custom made sign in guest book, wedding keepsake with doe and buck

This winter wedding guest book alternative gives a unique touch to your wedding. The 3D guestbook is made in wood and features two deer: a doe and a buck (can be personalized for two buck or two doe). The snowflakes are made for your loved ones to sign and turn this guestbook alternative into a wedding keepsake and a decor for your home. The snowflakes are in silver plus two shades of grey, but you can request these painted in any color. This sign comes with 3D personalized details- your names and wedding date in script lettering under the tree and a heart with your initials engraved in the tree trunk. The background is grey, slightly darker than the leaves to compliment the greys in the leaves.
We can also make custom colors to match your wedding- please get in touch for details.

Please note that the little heart sign (pic 6) engraved with the text "Please sign our guest book" is included if you select this option at checkout. Select "included" if you want the little heart sign or "not included" if you don't want to get the heart sign.


The guest book comes personalized with your last name (or if you prefer the last name only) and date written out in script lettering as in the example. The tree of snowflakes guest book comes fully assembled, ready for signing.


The guest book comes in two sizes depending on how many snowflakes you select

****18"x24" (approx.45.5 x61 cm)- up to 100 snowflakes

*****24"x30"(61 cm x 76 cm) - 100 snowflakes and up

The little snowflakes will come glued to the surface and your guests can each sign one - or they may sign one per family or leave a couple of words to wish you well.
The snowflakes are approx. 1.5 x 1.5" (38 mm x 38 mm) , we may apply slightly larger snowflakes to make the composition nice and balanced. The example shows a composition with two trees made with approximately 80 snowflakes.
The heart sign engraved with the text "Please sign our guest book" is approximately 5"x5" and comes with a stand, ready to be placed next to your guest book.


1. Select the desired number of snowflakes

2. Select if you want the little heart sign- please note that the sign will only be included if you select the option "sign included"

3. Please leave a note with the name(s) and date to be placed on the bottom side of the guest book in the exact order and way you want to see these on your guest book - leave these details in the personalization section at checkout, also don't forget a phone number for delivery purposes. We can have the last name and wedding/anniversary date or two first names and date.

If you prefer a different deer color than the white shown, please leave a note as well as any color changes you might like. The background is a neutral grey, but can be changed to any color, please leave a note if you prefer a different color when ordering- use the last picture with our sample colors for guidance.

This unique guest book is made of 1/8" laser cut from wood, laser engraved and manually painted. The lettering and tress come in the natural color of wood seen in pictures.

This guestbook is a great sign for the wedding, it is entertaining for your guests and will be a lovely wedding keepsake that can be framed and makes for a gorgeous piece of art in your home.

Please get in touch with any questions you may have or if you have a different color scheme for your wedding, we can also do custom colors.

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