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These WATERPROOF Labels are perfect for labeling your homemade Salsa. These are priced per set and each set has 12 stickers that are 2 1/2" round ....please make sure this size label fits your bottle ( measure out a 2 1/2" diameter circle on a piece of paper to make sure it fits correctly.. bottles come in so many shapes and sizes, you want to make sure it fits around correctly)..
You can keep the wording I have or you can customize it ! These stickers are printed on HIGH QUALITY LABELSTOCK !

*please send all your custom personalized information along with your payment.

Waterproof Labels .. they are waterproof.... They can be hand washed... of course will all things.
they are not indestructable.. so still be gentle with them.. and do not use harsh abrasives or anything..... still wash gently to make them last as long as possible.

a durable material made to withstand
outdoor / water conditions and a wide variety of
environments! they do not tear easily...
these can withstand water....
detergents/soaps containing bleach could also
fade or change the colors,
so they are not recommended.
please remember... these labels will last alot
longer than your average label.. but they are
not industructable... thank you!

*please send all your custom personalized information along with your payment.

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