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Product Info

SnapChat Geofilter template is a simple way to make your wedding day even more special

You can edit it right in your browser without any additional programs (like Acrobat, Word etc.)

You can DEMO this template before purchase right now!


1. Purchase the template.
2. You'll get an email from Templett within minutes with a link to access your template
3. Make all your changes to the template, save it, and download the PNG
4. Upload to Snapchat website (
PLEASE NOTE: submitting a Geofilter on Snapchat is an additional cost, which start at $5 and depends on location, area size and duration of your event, to the purchase of this template.

PLEASE NOTE: Not available on tablet or mobile devices
PLEASE NOTE: Snapchat does not allow hashtags or full names (first + last) on geofilters
PLEASE NOTE: SnapChat needs at least 1 day for approval. We recommend submitting 3-4 days prior to your event to allow enough time if any issues that may arise