Tropical birds clip art, parrot clipart, bird vectors - commercial use Instant Download

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This listing is for a set of commercial use tropical birds clipart. Includes a flamingo, parrot clip art (scarlet macaw, blue and yellow macaw, cockatoo, cockatiel, lovebird, African grey and eclectus parrots) and a toucan. Also includes a vector EPS file.

Little technical details first:

- This clip art set is in PNG format (with transparent backgrounds).
- These can be opened in any image editor.
- They're at printing resolution (300 DPI) so they'll print nice and crisp.
- And they're each in separate files, so it's not just one big image with everything on it.
- They're 6 inches on their longest side (tall or wide) - (macaws and cockatoo are 8 inches)
- Includes a vector EPS file

I love making pretty things that help YOU make pretty things. It can be tough to run a small business, I know, I'm right there with you! I've tried to make my licensing easy to understand, I WANT this to be simple to use... so no need to keep track of which items require credit and which don't - I don't require credit for any of my items. One less thing to worry about! Which leaves more time for... c̶a̶k̶e̶ N̶e̶t̶f̶l̶i̶x̶ other businessy things.

But back to businessy things, I do have some terms of use that you should review:

The included license is good for up to 200 sales. If you think you'll sell more, the extended license is for you!
So take my pretty things and make YOUR pretty things. But please don't resell my art as is, they should be incorporated into a new design.

If there's anything that is unclear (or you just want to say hi) just message me here via convo.

(Oh one last thing, these are instant downloads, you know what that means... instant gratification! The files will be available to download in your account under --You -> Purchases and reviews--. You will need to download them via web browser, not the mobile Etsy app!)