Unicorn party temporary tattoo transfers. Big set of 9 magic unicorns, rainbow and other kids body stickers for unicorns birthday party.


Product Info

High quality, designy, skin safe, kids friendly and long lasting temporary tattoos from trusted 5 star rated DUCKY STREET Etsy store.

You will get big tattoo sheet 15x21 cm with 9 unicorns and 10+ tiny tattoos!

So, diamonds are a girl's best friends, huh? Nah… But the unicorns are! We have a whole bunch of them in oh-so-girly pastel colors. Let's ride a unicorn together, make some noise and magic! Our temporary tattoos set is kinda-sorta perfect for using as a party bag filler for the little ones. Your tiny princess will adore this set including rainbow, moon, wings, stars, clouds, and those colorful magic bottles!

Made using the professional technology:
* Skin safe and non toxic
* NO NEED to cut close to the edge of the design: we use stencils in the process of applying glue.
* Really long lasting: 3-4 days
* Water resistant. Don’t worry about your tattoos in the shower, bath, pool and sea!
* Vivid colors that do not go dark
* Easy to apply: remove film / apply / wet / hold / remove paper.
* Easy to remove with baby oil

Designed by Marina Zlochin

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