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ONE is SWEET!!!!!

THESE ARE AIR FILLED, NON FLOATING BALLOONS that are meant to be taped to wall for a BACKDROP!

This Listing Includes:
* Set of NON FLOAT Balloon Letters (N, E)
* Straw to Inflate each Letter
* Donut that can float with Helium or be Air Filled and Taped to the Wall to Create this Look

* Each Letter will measure approximately 13.5 INCHES Tall once Inflated.
* The Letters are AIR FILL ONLY and WILL NOT FLOAT even if you try to add Helium.
* All Balloons arrive in Individual Packages and will need to be inflated with the enclosed straw.
* The Balloons can be reused with proper care but are meant as a one time use!
* To conceal tail after inflating, simply use a small piece of clear tape