Survival Kit Gift for Teacher Appreciation Day, Back to School Teacher Gift Box Tin, Thank You Teacher Emergency Kit Gift

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The cutest back to school or teacher appreciation gift! Have your little one gift his teacher with a special survival kit that fits in any desk drawer.

Designed to look like a composition notebook, these rectangular hinged tins come in two sizes. They are oriented vertically so that when you open, it seems as if you are opening a notebook.

- standard altoid tin size - fits about 10 emergency essentials and measure 3 11/16 x 2 5/16
- larger tin size - fits about 20 emergency essentials and measure 4.25 x 3.125 x 1 inches
- tin label is printed on high-quality glossy label paper for a premium finish.

- Emergen-C, Advil packet, antibacterial wipe, Shout wipe, deodorant wipe, package of chewing gum, Pepto Bismol, bandaid, mini Tic Tacs, pencil chapstick in Coffee flavor, eraser, mini Wisp toothbrush, 3 rubberbands and Starbucks coffee packet

- Emergen-C, Advil packet, bandaid, anti-bacterial wipe, package of chewing gum, mini Wisp toothbrush, eraser, Pepto Bismol, mini Tic Tacs and 2 paper clips

Have a look at our new teacher’s survival kit in a can!

Consider adding our pencil chapsticks to your tins. They fit in both sizes!

Thank you!