Super Dad Cake Topper Blue Acrylic Superman Theme Cupcake Stick Father’s Day Birthday Daddy Superhero Cake Decoration Supply

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There will be only one person in your life that will equal a superhero and that person will be your father. To celebrate this inspiring person bake for him a delicious cake and decorate it with this superman theme cake topper. Show him how much you appreciate all that he did for you and that he is clearly a super dad in your eyes. A blue, minimalist acrylic cake topper that reads “Super Dad”, with the logo of superman next to it, cause after all your dad is a superman! Decorate with it any treat, buy a ready-made or bake your own, use it for just a small tart, cupcake, or any other dessert.

If your father is not that much a cake lover, use the topper in different ways. Add it to a gift basket like a small personalized note, insert it in a balloon bouquet or decorate with it. Handmade from quality materials that will last for years, so use it and re-use it.