Summertime Props - Plastic Photo Booth Signs - doughnut, pizza, watermelon, beachball

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NEW AND AMAZING! Just in time for summer!

This set includes two signs: a double-sided triangle featuring a slice of juicy watermelon and a slice of delicious, ooey-gooey pizza. It also includes a circle with a gigantic, sprinkled donut and a colorful beach ball. These props are perfect for your pool party, pizza party or summer soirée.

They're waterproof!

The triangle sign measures approximately 7" x 10" and the circle measures 8" diameter. These are made of high-quality flexible plastic with a matte finish to reduce glare.

We're using a plastic that's strong, but much less bulky -- less weight to carry around! The colors are also much more vibrant.

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Plastic • Durable • Made in America