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Keep them covered!

***DISCLAIMER***These Fashion Face Mask Covers are not FDA approved medical devices and do not provide medical grade filtration. Remember, your first defense against germs is always proper hand washing and social distancing, but I hope these stylish masks help to bring you a little bit of extra peace of mind ❤️

These masks are double layers. One premium cotton for cuteness on the front and one layer of 100% cotton on the reverse side. This way you’ll always know the front from the back. Elastic goes around each ear and is very soft. IMPORTANT! If you do not want a nose wire in your mask, just leave me a note. Also, toddler size masks do not come with a nose wire. Most toddlers don't like them.

They come in a variety of succulent prints and sizes. Fabric patterns are pulled at random.

Toddler is up to 3-6 years
Kids/youth is 4-12 years
Adults are OSFM

***I will gladly adjust the size of your mask if you are a smaller size lady. You just need to leave me a message when you order that you need a “smaller ladies size”.

****Please note: I ship all of my orders on time, but there are shipping delays by USPS, FEDEX, UPS etc. They are working about 50% their normal work force due to Covid -19 related issues. There is nothing (though I wish there was) I can do to speed this up. Thank you for your understanding during these trying times. Stay safe!