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Represent home with a heart over any state or country for a newborn or baby gift. Remember where the love is, whether that is home, where grandma and grandpa live, a loved one is stationed, or just a special place to you. 100% cotton baby bodysuits feature a hand-stitched felt appliqué that is personalized to your specifications. The state (or country) of your choice will feature a red or pink heart over the town or city you indicate. The inside is lined with a protective layer for a smooth feeling against the child's skin.

Pink, green, blue, and black bodysuits will have a white state silhouette, which can be changed to another color if you prefer.

So that your order is not delayed, please remember to include the state/country of your choice, as well as city/ zipcode for the heart location with your order.

Colored bodysuits (Rabbit Skins Brand) Size Chart is approximate
NB Age 0-3 month, 18-21 inches, 5-9 pounds
6M Age 3-6 month, 22-24 inches, 10-16 pounds
12M Age 6-12 month, 25-28 inches, 17-20 pounds

White bodysuits in 0-3m (8-12 lb), 3-6m (12-16lb), 6-9m (16-20lb), 12m (20-24lb) are available through this link:

T-shirt options start at 12 months and are available through this link:


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