Spring Candy Covered Cream Cookies (Set of 6 Boxed)

Promise Pretzels of Maine By Promise Pretzels of Maine

Product Info

If you are not a fan of pretzels (and even if you are! :-) ) we have a special treat just for you!
We start with a chocolate cream filled cookie in your choice of regular or Spring Mint (light green colored/mint flavored), cover them in pastel shades of vanilla flavored candy in your choice of color or a mix! We wrap each individually, tie with a bright bow and back in a decorated box nestled on Easter grass! These are gorgeous! What a wonderful surprise for someone to receive a box of these delicious goodies! We also can sell these separately (not boxed) in colors for a Spring wedding, buffet, brunch! Please contact us with any questions or if you would like a different amount than offered! ALSO our policy regarding shipping prices. If the actual price is less than we charged you we will refund the difference, if more we cover it!