Halloween Arch Black Bats Blood Red Gold Black Confetti Balloon Bundle Horror Sinister Halloween DIY Garland Scary Party Decoration

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Horror decorations are part of the Halloween fun, so don’t miss out on this large balloon bundle. An amazing balloon set so you can put together an amazing and large Halloween decoration. This is a DIY bundle, we provide the balloons and the tools so you can do your own party decoration, you can build up an arch, garland and even separate the balloons in pieces.

Sinister, spooky, scary, horror balloon bundle, not designed for the faint-hearted individuals. The black bats have escaped the haunted castle and instead, they are here to spook up your party, matched with red blood balloons, gold, and gothic black balloons. Use this bundle as a party entryway, guest welcoming, party centerpiece, as an amazing photo backdrop, garden decoration, porch set up, etc. The bats paired with the deep red balloons make a perfect haunted castle, Dracula, and even vampire-themed Halloween party decoration.