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Want your My Soapgrams Soap products to arrive to you faster?

This is to rush your soap order. Purchase one (1) of these along with all your other soap selections and your order will be moved to the front of the line for processing. So your order is made first and will be the first to ship, even if other orders preceded yours. Rush can be purchased after your other soap purchases and applies to all your currently-open orders.

This rushes your order, but that does not mean your order will ship out the next day as the soaps still need to be made.

Additionally, for domestic orders shipping within the 50 US states that selected standard shipping, this rush order will get your soaps delivered to you faster, as this will upgrade your shipment from USPS first-class mail (4-5 business days) to USPS Priority (2-3 day business days) automatically!

If your order is refunded, this listing would not be refunded.