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These yellow and orange jungle lion centerpiece sticks are perfect for a little boy's safari themed birthday party. Can be used for centerpiece or as cake toppers.

Centerpiece sticks are made with premium cardstock paper and mounted onto 8 and 11.75 inch white lollipop sticks.

Centerpieces are single sided but the stick is between the layered paper so it does not show on the outside. You will only see image on one side.

This Set Includes 3 Sticks:

- 1 Yellow and Orange lion with party hat - 5"w x 5"h - (on 11.75" stick)
- 1 Red and Orange Age number - 4"w x 5"h - (on 11.75" stick)
- 1 Red and Orange Roar - 5.5"w x 4"h - (on 8" stick)

Choose Your Age: Number 4 can be replaced with age of your choice.

Listing is for centerpiece sticks only and DOES NOT include the vase. This is for display purposes only.