Pug Valentine Box Printable Decor Kit 3D ears, eye options, 3D bow, sunglasses, cute boy dog mailbox school valentine's day cards

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This is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD printable Pug Valentine's Box decor kit.

Click through the images above to see details and optional accessories that are included with the download! I have designed lots of fun features so you can mix and match to make your own unique pug. There is a 3D bow and 3D ears. I've also included flat ears as an option. In the photo, I have drawn on wrinkles with marker.

Just wrap any old shoebox in the paper of your choice (Try a fun color, pattern, or classic grey), cut a mail hole in the top, print out this kit, and glue or tape on the features. This could also be used to decorate a gift bag! There are dotted guidelines with the print-out to let you know where to cut and where to fold. Make folds easier and cleaner by scoring them first with the back of an exacto along a ruler. In the photo, Try adding some sparkle by sticking on some rhinestones or painting some pieces with clear glue and sprinkling on iridescent glitter. I'd love to see photos of your finished DIY project and how you added your own personality, so be sure to tag me [at]KudzuMonster on instagram or leave a photo with your review.

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All Kudzu Monster printables are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.