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Product Info

**NOT REAL CHIP BAGS 1 - Instant Download As Shown - Not Editable
**DIGITAL EMAILED PDF BAG DESIGN: You print, trim, & assemble

**Easter Chip Bag Wrappers/Labels Instructions Included
**Fits 1oz chip bags, cookie bags, candies, gifts, & more!

1.PRINTING: follow these steps to print, assemble, & seal:
Printing at home on desktop or laptop computer from a multiple page PDF file:

*Open the downloaded file with the Free (Adobe PDF Reader Program) found preinstalled on most computers
*Scroll down past the first instruction page(s) if there is one, to view the page you'd like to print.
*Press print first & on the printer pop up box...
*Select (properties) & change your paper type to the paper you are OK.
*Select the (current page) bubble
*Select (fit to page) bubble as seen in the image attached
*Press print for 1 Test Print sample.
*For more prints, type the number of copies you want into the copies text box & print using the same settings as above
Print at home or at your nearest staples, office depot, or copy shop/office supply store by saving your file on a storage device or by uploading/emailing it to them. You can print unlimited amounts with no trimming or cutting required.

2. PAPER SUGGESTIONS: Print onto white glossy flyer paper, glossy presentation paper, or glossy brochure paper, 8 1/2" x 11" inch.

3. WHAT YOU MAY NEED TO ASSEMBLE: Glue stick, double sided tape, or staples to seal back, top, & bottom of bag.

4. RATES: All rates are for time consumed with designing & communications for your custom & personalized digital products.
No Refunds On Custom Designs, Prints, or Digital PDF Supplies.