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If you need some fancy pink decorations for your bridal shower or baby shower, these are a great choice. Functional party favors are the big thing now a days for your event.

When you purchase this listing you will be receiving these 12 fun light pink pinwheels. They actually spin too!! They will be so cute as part of your decor, your guest will complement your creative decorations.

These pinwheels are 6 inches long with a 3 inch wing span. The last two images show the measurements

Again they do spin and they can be put all together in one small vase as decor, they can be put into an arrangement of flowers or they can go into cupcakes. Ideas are endless with these little guys.

Please conversation me if you have any questions or request for other colors or quantities. I do make other sizes from smaller with 2 inch wing spans 4 inch wheels to regular size with 6 inch wing spans on 12 inch sticks. ALL my pinwheels spin, that's the best part of them. A lot of pinwheels you find here on Etsy do not spin. I am one of the first to open a shop that had spinning pinwheels.

Please visit my shop to see what other goodies I have

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