Personilized stick people w/ names wooden christmas ornament

Laylou pinks Cheeky Boutiue By Laylou pinks Cheeky Boutiue

Product Info

Personalized wooden ornaments

3.77 inches wide and 4.29 inches tall

Ornament with “family surname” or “Our Family” and individual names
$10 limit six people/animals or the names get to small. Names can’t be super long or they just won’t fit correctly.

Ribbon colors/designs may vary.

Just an FYI:
I CANNOT CHANGE ANY ASPECT OF THE DESIGNS. Must choose from the given choices in the pictures. For example: cannot change girls hair to short or change color of dress, etc. or make mom wear pants instead of dress. Or make a dog spotted.

Please choose people/ pets from the selections in pictures. In notes to seller please list like this of what you want.

Sample of how to order $10 ornaments

Adult 1: male,black hair, Robert
Adult 2: female, blonde, Clara
Child 1: girl, blonde with bow, Abby, age of child
Child 2: boy, brown hair, green shirt, Chris, age of child
Child 3: baby girl, brown hair, Jane, age of child
Pet 1: black cat, Lola
Pet 2: brown dog, long ears, Sam

Family surname: “The Smiths” or “Our Family”

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