Personalized Halloween Candle Box - Halloween Centerpiece - Halloween Decor - Personalized Wood Halloween Decoration


Product Info

This candle frame holder is a great way to bring in the spooky season. I can customize them with your name or I also have a generic one!

They make a really cool feature to any home for Halloween. Put it on your shelf, table, mantel or wherever you want, light the candles and enjoy!

Important information about our Halloween Centerpiece:

* 1/4" Maple Plywood with minimal edge burns to create a beautiful product. This type of wood is stronger, more stable, and has a more desirable appearance.
* It is 15.60 inches long, 8.386 inches high, and has a depth of 3.944 inches.

Important information on assembly:

* If you choose the painted black option, it will be painted on all sides.
* If you choose the 3 candle option, the scent will be a fall scented 1oz travel candle tins.
* It will be shipped flat, simply assembles with a dovetail joint. Can be glued by the owner for permanent assembly
* There is no bottom piece of wood, only the front, back and two sides.

Proudly Made in Fort Mill, South Carolina