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Happy Holidays!

1. Place the order.

2. Email your high resolution photos (LARGE photos) to [email protected]
The backgrounds don't matter. It's best to take photos from the waist/hips up and of each person individually.
You can use old photos if you can't take new but it looks better when the family has all the same colors/lighting :)
Make sure they're large photos!

3. Your Last Name

Within 24-48 hours, you will receive a proof via e-mail to look over before receiving final. These designs are intended to be printed from home printers. If you are going to use a photo lab I recommend checking with your preferred vendor prior to purchase to see if they take a print release.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to know that copyright restrictions on the characters only permit graphics to be used for a one time personal use. Not all photo labs are aware of this policy and if you are printing from a photo lab and have issues with them refusing to print for you, please try another photo lab, print at home yourself, or think about going green and Facebook or email your Christmas Cards!

Thank you for visiting Random Panda and have a great Holiday!