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Ombre Pastel Birthday Balloon Package
This gorgeous package features:

* Ombre pastel with gold foil print, Happy Birthday, mylar foil 18"
* Jewel colors twirlz/tail (if you would like to switch for one of the other colors, leave message when checking out)
* Pastels with gold print assorted colors Happy Birthday latex 11"


Balloon Information:

* Inflate latex and mylar foil with pure helium if you want them to float. They can also be inflated with air but will not float.

* Balloons ship flat/deflated.

* Balloon twirlz/tail - easily attach to balloon.

**All balloons made in the USA, far superior quality to balloons made outside of the USA.

* Do not leave balloons with children who are unsupervised due to choking and suffocation hazard.


* Scroll down to see the packages
* Go to the Drop Downs in the Order box
* Select the package you want, add to your cart
* Repeat to add more items

* For more color TWIRLZ/tails:

* For pastel & gold cocktail/bev NAPKINS:

* For CRYSTAL transparent balloons,, photo 5 above:

* For pastel matte balloons, photos 3 & 4 above:

* For more pastel items, some shown above:

* To order Jelli NUMBER balloons, photo 6 above:


Package A:
* 2 Ombre pastel & gold Happy Birthday mylar foil 18"
* 1 jewel tones balloon twirlz/tail
* 12 Pastel ombre & gold happy birthday latex 11"

Package B:
* 1 Ombre pastel & gold Happy Birthday mylar foil 18"
* 1 jewel tone balloon twirlz/tail
* 10 Pastel & gold happy birthday latex 11"

Package C:
* 1 Ombre pastel Happy Birthday mylar foil 18"
* 12 Pastel & gold happy birthday latex 11"

Package D:
12 Pastel & gold happy birthday latex 11"

Package E:
* 2 Ombre pastel & gold Happy Birthday mylar foil 18"

55' white curling ribbon


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