Mine Themed Party BUNDLE! Buffet Cards, TNT Licorice Wraps, Banner, Brewing Stand Potion Labels, Cupcake Toppers! + Bonus Minecraft Prints

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Mine Party! Get my HelloDerpy Mining Theme PARTY Bundle and get instant printable downloads for your birthday bash. Plus all my * BONUS * free Minecraft inspired accent pieces are included in the download files for you to create the ultimate gamer's mining BLAST!!!

This mega Mine Party bundle includes:

CUPCAKE WRAPS & TOPPERS: Set of 8 shiny gemstone cupcake toppers with matching pixel wrappers. Pixelated mining icon toppers and *BONUS* free Minecraft inspired Creeper, Enderman, Golem, Slime and Spider. See the full set images and details at:

FOOD TENT BUFFET CARDS: Set of 80 food tent cards with pixelated mining icons, rare earth metals and gemstones and pixel food icons. *BONUS* free Minecraft inspired buffet cards like Grass Block, Creeper Eggs, Slime Balls and Enderpearls. See the full set images and details at:

BIRTHDAY BANNER: Green and brown pixels studded with shiny gemstones create the perfect backdrop for spelling out your message. Easy print 8.5 x 11 inch H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y file pages plus the full alphabet for adding a name to your banner. My little miner boy, miner girl and loaded minecart are included as accent flags in this set. Plus *BONUS* free Minecraft inspired banner flags include Enderman, Creeper, Zombie and Spider. See the full set images and details at:

BREWING STAND POSTER: Dress up your party's Brewing Stand with HelloDerpy's 11 x 14 inch printable Miner's Brew poster. Featuring a green and brown pixel background with brightly colored vials on hanging wooden "ingredient" signs. It's perfect for adding a whimsical twist, each of the 8 colorful vials has a unique and humorous potion name. (Larger 18 x 24 inch size also available - just convo me if you wish this size to be emailed). See additional images and details at:

BREWING STAND WATER BOTTLE LABELS: Set up a fun "mix your own potion" brewing stand with my water bottle labels. Set out Kool-Aid, Hawaiian Punch, Crush, or Gatorade water flavor mix singles. Let kids mix their own brew and label their bottles with brightly colored potion labels or green & brown pixelated labels (both sets included). *BONUS* free Minecraft inspired Golem's Grog, Ghast Tears, Zombie Juice and Witches' Brew labels included. See the full set images and details at:

DRINKING STRAW ACCENTS: Set of 8! Two inch round potions tags to attach to colorful drinking straws. It's a fun addition to whatever brew is in the cup.

2 LITER SODA BOTTLE LABELS: Set of 8! Colorful vial and potion labels sized perfectly for Large 2 Ltr soda bottles. Let kids mix and pour from a flavorful assortment into their own cups - to create a special brew. Our drinking straw accents will be the finish touch for their personal potion from your brewing stand. *BONUS* free Minecraft inspired Golem's Grog, Ghast Tears, Zombie Juice and Witches' Brew labels included. See the full set images and details at:

THANK YOU TAGS, TNT LICORICE WRAPS & TNT GIFT BAGS: Make your mining themed party memorable with these adorable little MINER and TNT thank you tags, TNT licorice wraps and TNT gift bag label. A red and gray pixelated background set the stage for both our boy and girl mining characters, ready to explode their TNT blasting box. Our pixelated TNT block is exploding shiny gemstones. *BONUS* free Minecraft inspired Creeper thank you tag is exploding grass blocks. See the full set images and details at:

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I'm here to help with anything you need along the way. Kindly note this is original HelloDerpy pixel art and is for personal one-time use only. These graphic are not authorized for resale or redistribution in any digital or printed formats.

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Thanks for shopping with us, we hope your party is a BLAST!!!

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