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Owl cut outs for misc. use. invitations, decoration, banners, etc. Premium Card Stock used. Can add different bow colors.

You can now SPECIFY your size at check out on the pulldown menu.

The ribbon used on the bows can vary based on the size of the owl. The color of the ribbon can vary as well between beige and yellow.

These owls are handmade, and take some time from start to finish. The production time for them is 1-2 weeks unless it is stated that they are ready to ship!

These owls are generally sold by the PAIR.
The sizes range from 3.5” to 11”

Prices are as follows:
3-(THREE)- 3.5" OWLS - $5.75
2 (TWO)-5" OWLS – $5.25
2-(TWO)- 5.5” OWLS- $5.50
10-(TEN)- 5.5” OWLS- $31.50
2-(TWO)- 6" OWLS - $5.75
10-(TEN)- 6" OWLS- $32.75
2-(TWO)- 7" OWLS- $7.75
1-(ONE)-9" OWL – $9.00
1-(ONE)-10" OWL - $10.00
1-(ONE)-11" OWL - $11.00

Owls 3.5" or smaller usually don't get a bow. Ribbon for bows vary per size of owl.

You can request additional owls, I will do a custom listing.

Please be aware that my owls do not include a cut out colored nose (just the slits). Those can be added for an additional cost. When purchasing this item you agree to have read this listing carefully.