12 Number Lollipops-Your Choice of Number And Color-Perfect For Birthday Parties!

Promise Pretzels of Maine By Promise Pretzels of Maine

Product Info

When you are young you can't wait to be a year older and what better way to honor the birthday child than with a number candy lollipop!
We can make these in any number 1-9, and in any color you desire! We prepare these in small batches in our licensed kitchen, individually wrap and tie in a ribbon in your choice of color! The colored ones are made of a vanilla flavored candy, we also can make them in milk chocolate or dark chocolate. We also can make these with a sugar-free candy.
These also can be used for such things as anniversary parties, team celebrations (as in we are number 1!), or sent as a gift package!
If you would like a larger or smaller amount please contact us for pricing!
We love working with our clients to make special days and events even more special!