Sandollars, White Sand dollars, white shells, Sea Shells, Mini Sand dollars, Real Sand dollars, Beach Decor, 1 inch

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Sea Shells, Mini Sand dollars, Real Sand dollars

This is an auction for 6 Mini Beach Wedding or Beach Party Sandollars. (Any other specimens in the photos are available separately.)

You will receive similar sand dollars.
I can get large quantities if you need more.

They are approx. 1 inch in diameter.

Wonderful accents for your beach ceremony or for jewelry making or crafts.

Each one is a real sand dollar that has been bleached bright white and comes from the Philippines.

These are also great for beach parties, to tie a card for unique invitations to your party and more.

Make sure to get enough for all your needs.

I care about our environment and the sustainability of the marine life. In the Philippines, local villagers collect the shells and use the meat inside to feed their families. The shell is considered a by-product and is sold once the meat is extracted. I like to support the livelihood of these villagers by buying our shells directly from them. We also buy some shells from the commercial food industry where the shell is also considered a by-product and would otherwise be wasted.

We do not import or sell endangered or protected species.

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All of the items I carry are natural, so no two items are exactly alike. There will be slight differences in size, shape, coloring and pattern. All sizes are approximate. The shells supplied are commercial grade so there may be slight imperfections.

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