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Mermaid Tail Towel
Have the cutest Mermaid on the Beach, at the Pool, or in the Bath this year! This is a Mermaid tail cover up. It goes on like a skirt with the legs coming out of a slit in the side. (you can see the slit on the right hand side of the photos) The wrap comes up high on the chest. The tail can either be pinned up by the hook and eye on the side, worn around the wrist, or left to trail behind. The tail is made of a light terry cloth with a light sheer ruffle and matching tail. It is machine washable on the gentile cycle. All inside seams have been overlocked to prevent fraying. It measures about 21 inches at the top opening (this is meant to be high up on the chest or around the waist) but will easily stretch to about 24 inches.

This is for the Light pink tail in the large photo, not the pink on the child is wearing. Trim may vary

Shell beach Bag sold separately
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If you are interested in a different size or color, please contact me me.

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