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Product Info

Celebrate the union of the happy couple to be with our meant to bee shower cake topper. Our bee themed bridal shower or wedding cake toppers are a trendy take on the classic honey bee themed wedding shower and will add style to any bridal shower cake or wedding centerpiece.

❤ Design:
Meant To Bee honeycomb bridal shower / wedding cake topper

❤ Size:
The cake topper's dimensions are roughly 8” high X 5” wide X 1/4” thick.

❤ What's included in this listing:
1/4" Maple Plywood with minimal edge burns to create a beautiful cake topper product. This type of wood is stronger, more stable, and has a more desirable appearance. The cake and flowers are not included.

❤Custom Orders:
We would LOVE to customize for you! Let's chat prior to ordering :-)

❤ Proudly Made in Fort Mill, South Carolina
-Wooden cake toppers are precisely cut with a powerful laser cutter.
-Cake toppers are original designs so that you have a piece that is truly unique and customizable.
-Wood cake toppers are not massed produced so that every piece is made with care and can be carefully inspected before it is sent out.