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Let us add a CHARMING TOUCH to your event with our Boy Little Man Party Decorations.

Our beautiful, custom party decorations will create a CHARMING TOUCH for your special occasion! Let us take care of all of your decor needs with the highest quality of personalized, custom decor, created with the the most careful attention to detail!

This listing includes the following CUSTOM MADE items:

1. Die Cut 12 month photo memory banner (with clothespins for photos)
We offer TWO styles of this banner:

BASIC -- Comprised of two layers of card stock -- one backing layer (color of your choice), and one layer with the text (i.e 1 month, 2 months, 3 months....etc.) This version will NOT have the die cut bowtie images on each month banner flag. The end cap spacer flag will have THREE layers of card stock and will include a graphic bowtie image.

DELUXE -- EXACTLY AS SHOWN IN THE LISTING PHOTO. Comprised of 4 layers of card stock -- 3 backing layers in various colors (Gray, Turquoise and white) with one layer of navy blue card stock with text (i.e. 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, etc.). Each month banner flag will have die cut bowties at the bottom. The end cap spacer flag will have 6 layers of card stock + graphic bowtie image.

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All decorations are custom designed and hand-made by Charming Touch Parties. Materials (such as paper, ribbon, straws, etc.) shown may vary slightly depending on availability from suppliers.