Love Wax Seal, Square, Round or Oval Shape, Custom Color, Modern, Wax Stamper, Adhesive Wax Seal, Custom Color, Size & Shape - Free Shipping

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We LOVE these invitation wax seals. Select your shape, round, square or oval, along with size and color. We can vary how perfect or imperfect the wax shape is as well. Perfect for your wedding, birth announcement or any special moment. We even have holiday options available as well. Wow your guests with custom wax seals!

Design features the word "love" with a filigree design.

Message us about colors, we have over 30 options and can even custom color match.

Shapes available:
- Round
- Square
- Oval

Round sizes available:
- .75" (from $1.25 a seal)
- 1" (from $1.50 a seal)
- 1.25" (from $1.75 a seal)
- 1.5" (from $2.00 a seal)

Square size available:
- .75" (from $1.50 a seal)
- 1" (from $1.75 a seal)

Oval sizes available:
- 1" (from $1.75 a seal)
- 1.25" (from $2.00 a seal)

If you prefer to DIY, we can provide the design as a keepsake stamper.

Production and shipping are 10-14 days.

Please conversation us with any questions. Looking forward to working with you!