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Lips SVG files are perfect for cutting machines. Use lips clipart to create lips themed logos or use as kiss clipart for projects. SVG lips are the perfect kiss vector for any Valentine's Day project. Imagine a cute invitation with the words MUAH!, these are the perfect lip svg, eps, jpg, and png files for any occasion. Use the kisses svg and eps files for cutting machines. Or create cute clipart kisses with the jpg and png files.

Lips SVG Files include beautiful set of 5 kiss cut files. These Valentine lip svg files are perfect to create valentine shirts or use these Valentine vectors for card making or decor. This variety pack of Valentine svg files are perfect for any project!

Included are 5 SVGs and 5 EPS that are ready for your cutting machine. Also included are 5 JPG files that are perfect for print and 5 PNG files that are perfect for the web. This set is perfect for Valentine's Day cards, invitations, and decorations.

high-res files designed at 300dpi. Please enjoy!!!

PERFECT FOR Valentine decorations, Valentine scrapbooking, Valentine kiss confetti, kiss decoration, nursery decoration, nursery room, graphic design, events, classroom activities, promotions, invitations, banners, stickers, cards, flyers, magnets, books, e-books, magazines, posters, package design, programs, postcards, scrapbooking, printables, advertising, media, social media, e-mail design, web design, ux design, accessories, home décor, textile design, jewelry, mixed media & much more!

20 Total Files (in 1 ZIP file):
• 5 SVG files
• 5 EPS files
• 5 JPG files - on white background
• 5 PNG files - on transparent background

Dimensions are approximately 6in x 6in.

• Your purchase will arrive to you via your email address listed on Etsy within a few minutes after purchase.

• A limit of 500 uses per design that is purchased. 

– For up to 5,000 uses you must buy our extended license here:

– For unlimited uses you must buy our mass production license available only on our website.

• 1 use equals 1 design created with the listing purchase (i.e. 1 invitation, 1 t-shirt design, etc.), 1 physical product produced, OR 1 sale. For example: You create an invitation (1 use) using a design you bought from SavanasDesign, then you print 200 physical invitations (200 uses), and sell 150 copies of those printed invitations (150 uses) would be a total of 351 uses which is within the limits of our terms of use. If you create another invitation using that same design (1 use), print 300 physical copies (300 uses), and sell 5 physical copies (5 uses) that would bring the total up to 657 uses meaning you should buy an extended license and possibly even a mass production license if you want even more leniency.



• Creating physical products with our designs for personal use, gifts, or small business use.

• Use of a sublimation printer to print our designs. YOU place the sublimation design on your product that you sell.

• You may make and sell designs which utilize our fonts in a flattened design or in a design where the font is outlined and not easily extractable.

• You may use a web font format or WOFF for your website.

PLEASE BE AWARE of trademark laws and check the database before your purchase if you wish to sell the design on a particular item (like t-shirts, mugs, decals, stickers, etc.).

Terms of Use may differ. Fonts have individual licenses. Please see license file in font folder for more details. Please see individual listing pages for any other terms for any design on this website including cut files, fonts, freebies, graphics, or any other listing.


• Sharing, sending, re-selling, sub-licensing, transferring, redistributing, or claiming ownership of any of our designs or files to any person, party, website, or platform. This includes any modified or altered designs, cut files, fonts, or graphics.

• Digital Sells – Any sort of digital sell, unless flattened and in which does not compete with the original design. Designs must be original and creative without my designs, elements, or fonts making up more than 50% of the new work. No original design files, font files, elements, or pieces can be included with the folder that includes the new work.

• Digitizing – Digitizing any of our designs, fonts, clipart, cut files, or any other listing in the intention of selling them or sharing them as embroidery files. You may digitize for your own personal use or your own small business only (for physical goods).

• Sublimation/Print and Cut, etc. – Selling any of our designs as prints, transfers, adhesive transfers, heat press transfers, or iron-on transfers. You are allowed to use your own designs that include our fonts for this sort of use.

• Print on Demand/POD – Using any of our designs to upload on print on demand/POD websites like Amazon Merch, CafePress, Printful and other POD sources unless the POD License is purchased with the single design in use. This includes ANY use of mass production for re-sell or giveaway. You can use your own designs created with our fonts for Print on Demand. Our POD / Mass Production License is only available through our website.

• Mass Production by Manufacturing – Mass production or wholesale of any of our designs on any medium (cloth, plastic, metal, etc.) by any manufacturing facility, domestic or international unless the Mass License is purchased with the single design in use. You can use your own designs created with our fonts for Mass Production. Our POD / Mass Production License is only available through our website.

• Converting & Modifying Fonts – You may not convert original OTF or TTF font software file formats to another format (with the exception of web font WOFF formats) without acquiring a supplemental conversion license from the Designer. You may NOT create SVG alphabets, SVG letters, or rasterized formats (such as PNG files) of our fonts. You may NOT create embroidered font files. You may NOT adapt or modify our fonts without written permission to do so. Please contact me for use that contains more than 5,000 uses or views per month.

• Outside of Permitted Use – Using ANY graphic, font, cut file, design, or element outside of the use that is expressly permitted by the terms of use or granted license is strictly prohibited. For example, you are not allowed to use my design for print on demand use when you have only purchased an Extended License instead of a POD / Mass Production License.

• Trademark & Copyright – You must disclaim any design, font, cut file, or graphic that is purchased from SavanasDesign from any trademark or copyright protection in which you are registering. You can not enforce any rights on the asset itself.

Digitizing and Sublimation requires a Corporate License. Please contact me for details and pricing. Print on Demand and Mass Production now have a license available for purchase for one single design each. You can only find and purchase this license as well as the design intended for this sort of use through our website.

Copyright remains with SavanasDesign and SavanasDesigns at all times.


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