IVF Baby Onesie® Decorating Kit, IVF Iron On Transfers, In Vitro Baby Shower, Infertility Onesie, IVF Onesies, Onesie Decorating Station

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All you need is an Iron & a white Onesie®!

These IVF Gender Neutral Iron-On Decals are the perfect activity for any Baby Shower! What better way to celebrate the baby to come and give mom a way to talk to other mom's about her journey. This kit ONLY includes the Iron-On Decals, NO Onesies® are included.

If you select the kit with the SIGN INCLUDED, you will receive a jpg file of the Onesie Decorating sign listed in the pictures. This can be printed at home or sent to your local print shop for printing. This sign can be placed in a frame for cute & easy direction reference for all of your guests.

Included will also be set up tips, directions for the host to make sure that you have everything you need ready to go before the party! There will also be care instructions to send home with the mom-to-be.

Please NO Substituting designs between the sets. If you need a custom set, please message me. Thank you!