INSTANT DOWNLOAD printable dump truck Valentines oreo or mini donut Dumptruck You're LOADS of fun trash truck boy valentine's Day cards

Kudzu Monster By Kudzu Monster

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This is an instant download of printable Valentine's Day dump truck baggie inserts for mini donuts or oreos.

"You are LOADS of fun!"
"Happy Valentine's Day!"
"Your friend,"

They print 4 per page and measure 3.5" x 4"

Bag: I used a sheet of cellophane and taped it on the back. I also tried a sandwich sized ziploc bag, then folded and taped the excess behind the valentine and that worked great too!

For an additional fee, I will personalize your valentines with a name. Simply add this listing:
to your your order and I will send you a new personalized PDF by email. NOTE: YOU WILL STILL RECEIVE THE GENERIC FILE FROM ETSY. The personalized file will come from my personal email later. Check the above add-on listing for current customization turn-around times.