Hot Air Balloons 30" with Net Pearl White Blue Pink Ivory, Metallic Silver Gold Photo Op Large 30" Latex Balloon Made in USA

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36" Balloon Nets, 30" Balloons

How gorgeous this will be at your party! Hot air balloons - simply place the net over the balloon.
Decorate with baskets, ribbons, bows, sprays......

The nets are made of clear poly and are very light, making it so easy for the balloons to float. Inflate your 30" balloon with helium, then slip into net. Home helium tanks are not recommended due to the low ratio of helium to air.

This listing has:
* 30" pearl white
* 30" pearl ivory
* 30" pearl light pink
* 30" pearl light blue
* 30" metallic gold
* 30" metallic silver

* To order metallic rose gold told 24" or 36": (It is no longer available in the 30")



1. Go to the drop down in the order box, click the number of balloons/nets for the number you would like. Be sure to select from:
* nets only
* nets & balloons

Due to limited space in the drop downs, wording is abbreviated.

2. From the other drop down in the order box, select the color of the balloon. If you are ordering more than one balloon, select one of the colors, then leave me a message when checking out which other color/s you want.
***Use chart above, photo 2 to select from.***

3. Repeat to order additional items.

4. See my other size hot air balloon options, including centerpieces - 16/17", 24", 30", 36":


Balloon Information:

* Helium Tip: If you want your balloon to float, inflate with helium. If you don't need it to float, perhaps hanging it from a ceiling, it can be air or helium inflated.

* Home helium tanks are not recommended due to low ratio of helium to air.

* All balloons made by Qualatex and Bettallatex, the professional's brands of choice, made in the USA; far superior quality to balloons made outside of the USA.

* Do not leave with children who are unsupervised due to choking and suffocation hazard.

***At Party Surprise we take pride in the quality of our products. We take the time to thoroughly inspect every jumbo balloon we ship. Each balloon is individually inspected for color, size, pinholes, and any other defects, as well as going through an air test in order to ensure that you will receive a perfect balloon.
Balloons are shipped flat and are non-refundable.



Nets only, NO balloons:
1 net $7.85
2 nets $11.39
5 nets $32.35

Nets & balloons, use chart photo 2 above for colors:
1 net & 1 balloon $13.85
1 net & 2 balloons $18.85
2 nets & 2 30" balloons $22.39

The beautiful photos #1 metallic rose gold; as well as photo numbers #3, #4 & #5 are from very happy customers.

5 STARS, Amy
5 STARS, Traci
5 STARS, Erinn
5 STARS, "Everything arrived quickly and as ordered. Easy to do business with.", Erin
5 STARS, "Pictures turned out perfect! Thank you!", Mallory
5 STARS, Toni
5 STARS, "So so so so cute!!", Kimberly
5 STARS, "Came as pictured. Shipped promptly. Thank you", Helen
5 STARS, "Everything arrived nicely. We will be using it on July 8th; so will update after actually using the net and balloon.", Amber
5 STARS, "The net was easy to work with and it gave it that perfect touch to our hot air balloon thank you