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THIS BALLOON COMES READY TO DISPLAY - the only minimal assembly required is inserting the metal frame for the lantern.***

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This amazing creation from our shop is perfect for the whimsical gathering you are planning. Our hot air balloon decoration is offered as a party centerpiece or as a hanging party decoration. Few party decorations will bring so many fantastical elements or engage your guests’ imaginations as much as this hot air balloon. Our hot air balloon paper decoration is crafted from a hand painted paper lantern and accented with the finest quality materials to ensure an elegant appearance at your party.

Measurements: Balloon measures 12" and total height with the basket is approx. 18".

This hot air balloon party decoration is completely customizable with color combinations at no additional charge.

We have 2 variations for this listing.

The centerpiece:
This decoration sits on its own as table decor or any flat surface decoration. The weight of the balloon is supported by the 4 wooden dowels attached to the basket. Slight assembly is required but it's really simple and instructions are sent with the package.

The hanging decoration:
This decoration can be hung from the ceiling with a fishing line or other thread that can be attached to the top of the balloon. The basket in this option is tied to the balloon with a strong ribbon twine on all 4 sides.

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