Holy Cow Birthday Banner Cowprint Panels for Farm Party Cowgirl 1st Birthday Barnyard Banner Two Size Options Name High Chair or Baby Shower

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Cow Print Birthday Banner made with triple layered panels in pink, black and white. The cowprint pattern of each panel is created by cutting the cow print pattern into the first layer which is then backed by the black and pink layers. The 3 layers are held together by the ribbon to create a floating, 3-D effect.

Customize the size and wording of this farm themed celebration banner for a Holy Cow Party, Barnyard Bash, Cowgirl 1st Birthday, or Baby girl shower.

Can also be made using red instead of pink (or other colors, too) and with or without the bows on the cow. Just leave that information in the personalization box :)

The panels of the banner are adjustable and Two Size Options are available.
Small banner is made up of panels that are 4" wide x 5.3" tall. -- Happy Birthday -- each strand is about 3 feet long with an additional 18 inches of ribbon on each end.

Large banner is made up of panels that are 5.3" wide x 6.7" tall. -- Happy Birthday -- Happy is about 3.3 feet long, Birthday is about 3.7 feet long, with an additional 18 inches of ribbon on each end.

Small happy birthday banner is shown in pictures.

Ribbon is heat sealed to prevent fraying. Panels are Adjustable on the ribbon. Ribbon color may vary depending on availability.