Balloon Bouquet Halloween Decoration Large Bat Black Orange Cute Animal Balloon Scary Horror Spooky Party Supply Porch Ornament

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Balance perfectly the cuteness and spookiness at your Halloween event with this balloon bundle. While black giant bats are usually horror for most of us, this animal has a silly face so instantly becomes cute. Decorate with our silly black bat and matching latex balloons for an unforgettable celebration. The balloon bouquet is put together from solid black, orange balloons, clear balloons with bat pattern, and a large foil balloon. This scary bouquet will be a great Halloween gift or a perfect party decoration.

Use it as a gift for friends and colleagues, pair it with some spooky treats for the ultimate surprise, or decorate your home or your party with it. Perfect Halloween or birthday decoration, great as an entryway, table centerpiece, or even porch decoration. Will look as spooky indoors as outdoors.