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Add a special touch to your favors by wrapping your 1.55 oz Hershey's candy bars in a personalized wrapper for a simple but elegant favor for your event.

Print as many as you need OR order them printed and shipped to your address.

PLEASE NOTE: You WILL NOT receive a physical item if you select "Digital Only" or "Digital (RUSH) 12 hrs". These options are for a digital file ONLY.

\\\\\\\\\\ HOW TO ORDER \\\\\\\\\\

1- Select the following:

Choose Digital Only or Digital (RUSH 12hrs) if you are printing yourself
Choose the amount of printed candy wrappers you want shipped to your mailing address.
If you chose to purchase foil with your wrappers, you will receive 6" x 7.5" Foil to wrap 1.55 oz Chocolate Bars in your choice of Gold or Silver.

Only applicable if you purchased foil with printed wrappers. Select if you'd like gold or silver foil with which to cover your bars.

Leave at “1”

Add the item to your cart and complete checkout.

2- Please leave your message (as you'd like it to appear on the wrappers) in the Notes To Seller box during checkout or send via convo.
Note the "Nutrition Facts" on the back of the wrapper are NOT editable.

If your wrapper has a photo, please read our short list of photo submission tips before submitting your picture at

→PLEASE NOTE: Photos can only be submitted via email to designs [!at] or Etsy convo. Unfortunately, Etsy does not provide a way for you to submit a photo file alongside your purchase.

We cannot start your order until all your details (including pictures) have been received. Your turnaround time begins once we have received everything needed to complete your file.

3- Your digital file/proof(s) will be sent within 2 business days (or 12 hours any day if you purchased RUSH) to the email you have on file with Etsy. Please verify you have the correct address on file.

4 (DIGITAL ORDER)- If your digital file is perfect once you receive it, you can use it to print right away. Make sure to read the printing instructions on our website included with your email. If any corrections are needed, please let us know and we will send you a new, updated ready-to-print file.

4 (PRINT ORDER)- If you purchased printing and the proof is perfect, let us know the file is approved for printing! The sooner you let us know, the faster it will be processed and shipped.

If you need a correction, let us know and we will email you an updated proof for approval.

Once the file is approved, we will send it to the print shop. Your cards will be shipped 3-5 business days from the time you approve your file for printing.

They will be shipped to your shipping address using USPS First Class Mail with tracking, which typically takes 2-4 business days for delivery within the US.


• Working knowledge of Adobe Reader/ PDF files

• A printer (or location to print, such as a local print shop or office supply store)

• 1.55 oz Hershey's Chocolate Bars

• Foil to wrap bars (household aluminum or pre-cut sheets will work)

• Thin semi-glossy paper (if printing at home)

• Scissors

• Double-sided tape, glue dots, or other adhesive


Please pay special attention to your selected turnaround time. The standard turnaround time is 2 business days. I do not work on the weekends unless you have placed a RUSH order.
If you order on Friday, you may receive your proof as late as Tuesday as I do not work on the weekends.

Orders placed on a weekend or holiday will be completed in the following business days, EXCEPT Rush Orders, which are completed 7 days a week.

RUSH ORDERS are filled on all days.

Please make sure you have allowed yourself sufficient time to receive your files and prepare your candy bars.

\\\\\\\\\\ ABOUT OUR PRINTED WRAPPERS \\\\\\\\\\

1- Printed Candy wrappers come printed on 100lb gloss coated TXT paper. This is a light cardstock, which bends easily around your chocolate bar.

2- Our chocolate wrappers are 5.5 x 5 inches and are meant to be used with 1.55 oz chocolate bars. The wrappers may not fit other candy bars as they
are designed specifically for the Hershey's 1.55 OZ Chocolate Bars.

3- The ends of your chocolate bars WILL STICK OUT. These wrappers WILL NOT cover your entire bar.

4- It is recommended that you tape down the ends of your bar and then wrap them in foil before placing our wrappers around them.

5- If you need the wrapper in a different size, please contact us for a custom order.

6- Candy wrappers are shipped ready to use with a strip of adhesive on them. You do not need to use your own tape, simply remove
the protective strip over the adhesive and wrap your chocolate bars!

7- We will provide step-by-step instructions with both our digital and print orders on how to best assemble your bars.

8- Chocolate bars are NOT included with printed wrappers.

9- Foil for wrapping your bars is not included with this listing UNLESS you selected one of the options that read "Wrappers + Foil" under the Printing Options dropdown menu.

10- Chocolate bars are NOT included with this listing.

\\\\\\\\\\ TURNAROUND TIME \\\\\\\\\\

The standard turnaround time for a digital file or print proof is 2 Business Days. Please note that it’s a FULL 2 BUSINESS DAYS (Saturday, Sunday and Holidays excluded). If you need the file/proof before 2 Business Days from the time of your purchase, please purchase RUSH to receive your file sooner.

RUSH Digital Orders will be completed on any day within 12 hours of purchase and all order details being received (including photos if your design includes one). You can purchase a RUSH digital file for an additional $5.00 from the ‘Digital or Printed Cards?’ drop-down menu.

For RUSH print proofs, you can add RUSH to your cart from this listing:

Please keep in mind that ZoeyBlue is CLOSED over the weekend. If you need a file over the weekend, you will need to purchase RUSH.

Orders placed on a weekend or holiday will be started on the following business day, EXCEPT RUSH ORDERS, which are completed 7 days a week.

Below is a sample timeline of when you can expect your file when you order with the standard 2 BUSINESS DAY turnaround time.


► Monday → Wednesday Night
► Tuesday → Thursday Night
► Wednesday → Friday Night
► Thursday → Monday Night (of the following week)
► Friday → Tuesday Night(of the following week)
► Saturday → Tuesday Night(of the following week)
► Sunday → Tuesday Night(of the following week)

→PLEASE NOTE: Timeline does not account for holidays or RUSH turnaround time.

Turnaround time does not apply to custom orders. Turnaround time for custom changes will be determined based on what you need via convo.

Please make sure you have allowed yourself sufficient time to receive your files.


When you purchase printing, you will receive your proof for print approval within 2 BUSINESS DAYS, unless you have added RUSH for your proof to your order:

Note that adding the additional $5.00 RUSH fee only speeds up the time it takes to receive your proof (12 Hours instead of 2 Business Days) not the processing and shipping time.

Once you receive your proof, make sure to look it over as soon as possible. If you need changes, let us know and we will send you an updated proof. If it’s perfect, let us know the file is approved for printing. The sooner you approve, the faster your order will be processed. We are not responsible for orders that are delayed for failure to approve the proof for printing in a timely manner.

Once approved, we will ship your order 2-4 business days from the day you approved. We ship for free within the US via USPS FIRST CLASS MAIL (See Below for International Shipping information). USPS First Class Mail takes anywhere between 2-4 Business Days to deliver your item(s).

Typically, you can expect to receive your printed order 5-8 Business Days from the day you approve your proof for printing.

● You will receive your proof 2 BUSINESS DAYS after purchase (Unless you add RUSH)
● You need to approve your file for printing once you receive it (this time depends on you)
● Once you approve your file for printing, your order will ship within 3-5 Business Days
● Shipping via USPS First Class Mail takes 2-4 Business Days

→ PLEASE NOTE: We are not responsible for any shipping delays experienced by USPS.


Shipping cost for printed cards is included in this listing for United States shipping ONLY. International customers must pay additional shipping costs depending on the country. You can find the listing here:

Turnaround time for International Print Orders varies by location. Please contact us for more information.

\\\\\\\\\\ CUSTOM CHANGES (COLOR, FONT, LAYOUT) \\\\\\\\\\

This design is sold the way it is on the sample (but with your details).

Extensive changes to the design will be subject to additional fees.

Minor changes can be accommodated, please consult us before purchase if you’d like to make a change to the design.

\\\\\\\\\\ MATCHING ITEMS \\\\\\\\\\

For accompanying items that match your theme, including Inserts, Favor Tags, Banners, Thank You Cards, Water Bottle Labels, and more please visit our MADE TO MATCH section here:

\\\\\\\\\\ PLEASE CONSIDER \\\\\\\\\\

Please note that when your items are printed the colors may vary slightly from what you see on your computer screen. All monitors have light behind the screen making colors appear brighter than what they will print. Please be aware of this when you print at home or use any printing services, including ours.

For more information on our shop, please read our Shop Announcement, FAQs and Refund Policies here:

ZoeyBlue’s designs are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. We do NOT sell editable files.

You may not forward, share, sell, copy or distribute any of the designs or files in our shop. Don’t be a meanie!

Thanks for stopping by!! ☺

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